Vietnamese Noodles Bowl!

As I was scrolling through Youtube videos looking for which instructional video will be the best. I finally stumbled upon RecipeTin Eats. I enjoyed how her videos were shot and how quick pace. The video itself was only about 2 mins long, but it had almost everything I needed to know.

The only missing component from the videos were the measurements. This is when you’ll have to click on her Blog. Unlike her youtube video, you can see more of her personality through her writing on the blog. It was good to see how a food blog was set up. She wrote an introductory to her recipe on her connections to the dish. followed by the ingredients, recipe and side notes about the recipe, which was actually pretty neat.

If you can’t tell by now, I’ve decided to do a Vietnamese Noodle bowl. When ever I get the chance to go to Saskatoon, I always try make it to a noodle bowl!

1- First thing first, I saw the recipe asked for you to marinate the chicken for up to 24 hours. So I prepared the chicken the night before. Now, the grocery store in my area didn’t have all the ingredients. It kinda bummed me out when there was no Lemongrass. I decided to continue on with the dish anyways

2- The next I began to make the sauce to add into your noodles. Some of the ingredients have a very strong scent like the rice vinegar, fish sauce and garlic. But it’s suppose to come together to make a very tasty sauce. (Note: mine didn’t pan out in the end)

3- After the chicken marinated for about 18 hours, I began to pan fry it. At first the heat was a little too high and some of the chickens skin burnt quickly. So, I adjust the temperature and it went more smoothly afterwards.

4- Once the chicken cooked through, I removed the chicken from the heat to let it rest.

5. I prepped the other vegetables during this time. I was trying to work on my knife skills and cut the carrots and cucumbers in similar fashioned. It did take me some time but I was happy with the end result.

6- The vermicelli noodles were quite easy to cook, I boiled water and the let noodles sit in the hot water for 3 mins. I than did a quick rinse with cold water to help prevent them sticking to each other.

7- Once the meat had rest for a few minutes, I sliced and added it to the table with the other topping for the noodle bowls.

8. Lastly, was to ensemble our noodle bowls! First went in was the noodles topped with lettuce, carrots, cucumber and chicken. Than add a little bit of that sauce.

In the end, I enjoyed everything about this dish, beside that sauce. Something went terribly wrong with it. I think I added to much rice vinegar by accident. The sauce was a little to acidic. All in all, this is a dish I will try to recreate again. Maybe i’ll find a different recipe for the sauce. I’ve enjoyed using youtube as my go to way of method. As a visual learner, it helps me greatly by trying to recreate something I can compare step by step. This was a great learning opportunity and something new for me when I shared with my classmates!



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