Photo Credit: FlickrdeChato Flickr via Compfight cc

Whenever I hear coding, I always picture some computer genius hacking. Like Mr. Robot or that old movie Hackers. But, it’s not what it seems to be!

Coding always seemed so impossible to me, like there was absolutely no way I could even comprehend how it works. Best we just leave it to the people good with computers. As a future educators, it is best we make ourselves equipped to teach on any subject. Coding seems like it’s well on its way to becoming more apparent in classrooms.

Students interests vary from one to another, and their grasp on technology as well. So making a subject like coding engaging and fun is important. Code.org‘s hour of code options will be great for a classroom. It’s engaging and challenging enough for students to be involved with familiar themes, like Star Wars and Minecraft.

I went with the Star Wars theme as a practice run. The beginning was a lot easier than I expected. I believe students will enjoy this very much as they work through the stages.


As you can below me, the stages become a little more challenging.

At the very end, you use your newly acquired skills to create your own game. If I have any new opinions on coding? It will probable be that coding may not be as difficult as I once thought. Especially if it is presented and guided in such a way like these games above. As technology is ever expanding and evolving, I do believe coding is important to teach. It is just another way to help prepare your students for life after school.


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