Youtube In The Classroom

This post was made in collaboration with Erica Watson-Daniels. 

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Youtube seems to be too big for itself at times. Once it was a way for regular people to share their experiences through uploading their own videos on personal accounts. They were creating original content that reached to a vast amount of viewers. Overtime, with growth, big companies saw this as an opportunity to advertise and build on their own commercial success. Companies such as Buzzfeed comes to mind. These big time companies took away from the humble beginnings, that the regular people of the Youtube community had created.

The success of Youtube and the growing numbers of users that upload their videos, make it difficult to manage the content that gets put onto the website. There are cases of very inappropriate and racist content being shared for anyone to see. If you would like to see an example click here. Youtube is accessible for children, there is even a YouTube Kids app, which puts them at risk for viewing such outrageous content. Children/students watch Youtube for multiple reason, either for entertainment or research purposes. There is very little restrictions to viewable content unless those videos have been flagged.

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Another risk is once you have uploaded a video anyone can rip it. You need to be aware of what your uploading. Anyone can take your content and repurpose it without you knowing. It reminds me of a case, where one Youtuber (Plaintiff), reacted to another Youtubers (Defendants) video. In doing so he said comments that caused the other Youtuber to sue him. The plaintiff  stated he would drop the charges if the defendants would apologized for their comments and create a video for his apology as well. YouTube never stepped in, and it was taken to the courts, where the judge dropped the charges and said it was in fair, since it was publicly shared. I’ll post a link with the summary video. Again, this is a youtube video, so the content and how they speak is not for everyone. This is a very popular Youtube channel that has no restrictions, and is viewable to anyone.

I’ll also share another list of pros and cons, that talk more on the joining youtube as a sharing member. In which I’ve never have tried regularly posted videos.

What I really enjoy about YouTube is the diverse community. When I want to learn something new, YouTube is my first stop. Currently there are countless videos that you can find on any sort of topic; pasta Aglio e Olio recipes, green onion pancake recipes, macaronnage techniques, guitar tutorials, etc, etc.. YouTube is also a great teachers tool. There are number of ways an educator could use YouTube in the classroom. Teachers can use it as motivational set, have Brain Breaks, or even use YouTube for a full lesson. Educators can also use YouTube for assessment pieces like our fabulous #edtc300 instructor.

Educators have vast amounts of information at their fingertips with just this one platform alone. Although, not all the videos uploaded to YouTube are accurate. It is an educators responsibility to teach students about locating Secondary sources. As well as understanding the risks for parents and/or students when it comes to posting anything online. We need to build our younger generations with online courtesy to be part of an online community.

Here a list of some of the Pros and Cons of YouTube.


  • Free to use
  • Free to sign up & become up a member
  • Big audience
  • Relatively easy to post.
  • Teachers can network & share their ideas
  • Easy to access. Don’t need to sign up (sometimes)
  • Can make a living off of YouTube
  • Google Chrome Extensions make it easier to block comments and ad’s
  • Has a download feature


  • Racist or inappropriate comments, ad’s.
  • Big competition for more subscribers
  • Not a reliable source for everything.  Not every video is going to be accurate.
  • (reliable) internet access is needed.
  • too much freedom. eg; white supremacist with lots of followers.
  • YouTube is so big it makes it hard to micro manage
  • Uploaders have complained about the Terms and Conditions



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