Cooking For The Pops

Today I decided to cook a Donair recipe. Donairs are one of my favourite foods of all time! It is impossible to find one in this area, at least a good one. If you never had a donair before, I highly recommend one. They usually come in beef, lamb or chicken. Topped with onions, tomatoes and sometimes lettuce. Lastly, slathered in a sweet sauce or tzatziki!

The plan was to follow a donair recipe I found online. I also found a good tzatziki recipe I found from another source.  I’ve always wanted to try make tzatziki before and this was the opportunity, so I went out and bought the ingredients.

The first step was prepping the cucumber for the tzatziki, I cut the cucumber in half, removed the seeds.

I than grated the cucumber and placed into a bowl with a little bit of salt, trying to get the most moisture out of the cucumbers.

I let the cucumber sit while I began on the meat.

Donair meat is usually very strong with their spices. The spice blend consisted of Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper and ground oregano.

I did adjusted the recipe by doubling it, since my family and extended family was here.

I formed it into a loaf and put into the oven for 45 mins.

I continued to work on the tzatziki sauce by finely chopping fresh dill.

I love dill and the aroma it releases. I was trying to rush the cucumbers, I tried squeezing most of the moisture out of them and patting them dry. Once I felt like it was as good it was going to get with the time I had. I added the minced garlic, olive oil, cucumber and the fresh dill into the greek yogurt. Followed by squeezing fresh Lemon juice.

This tzatziki sauce was so amazing. I was really surprised out how well it turned out. Now I know how to make this sauce. It is relatively easy and cheap to make.

As the donair meat was finishing up, I prepped the onions to add into your wraps. I actually forgot about the tomatoes as the house got a little busy!

In the end, I enjoyed this meal. Except this did turn more into a gyro than a donair. But, Still very good. My dad enjoyed his very much on Fathers Day!





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