Cybersleuthing is Creepin

I’ve decided to cybersleuth Erica Watson-Daniels. Now, I do already know Erica quite well. So it was going to be interesting to see if I could see her personality come through her online social profiles.

First, I opened an Incognito Window. I also decided to use the DuckDuckGo search engine first. I found Erica, right away. She wasn’t the first post at the top, but she was the second to fourth.

I was able to find her Blog and Instagram accounts. Erica’s Blog is very well written and interesting. In the end, her blog is probably the best way to pick up her personality. Erica is beginning to use a blog for the first time, and I feel like her writing is a reflection of her personality. She doesn’t take herself to seriously and is just having fun with this new blog.

Her Instagram, was set very private. I was not able to view unless I was Following her.

The only part I was able to see of her Instagram was her bio. She is a wife and mother to boys, she is living in the prairies and seems to share some humour about a healthy breakfast.

As I continued my search, I wasn’t finding much of anything. An Erica Watson was dominating the search. So I decided to switch my search engine to Google.

This time her twitter account was at the top of the search.

Here we can see she is seeking a future in education. Erica is in her fourth year and is interested in Indigenous education. As I scroll through her Twitter, you can see her bio is backed up by her tweets and retweets. Very professional when discussing important matters. Erica is being a future role model for her students and children. By using her social media in a well managed professional way.




2 thoughts on “Cybersleuthing is Creepin

  1. Ryan, this post was very easy to read and I like how you have spread out the text with photos! It is interesting that private accounts can keep us from seeing people’s info, but other accounts can tell us so much. However, it is sometimes good to keep certain accounts private if they include lots of photos and personal info about ourselves! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I thought of using an incognito window after… Completely forgot about this feature, so thank you for sharing! Sounds like you found enough information about her, which is creep in some ways but good in others!! I am able to follow your post very well and it is all clear. Thanks for sharing!


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