The Ever-Changing World

Opportunity, this new culture of participation brings a new style of learning. A learning that is versatile in style and accessible for the masses. Learning and teaching has always been an evolving subject. In ways we are taught and how we are taught.

It makes me think back to our First Nations way of learning, experiential learning. Knowledge was passed down from mother and fathers to their young by acting out their lessons. They learned in the process of achieving their goal. Whether it be hunting, gathering medicine or drying meats and hides. This was the way of passing on knowledge.

To me, participation is the key factor. It allows people to be involved. Some kind of physical evidence that highlights and monitors their learning. For example, when Alex challenged his daughter to learn Toxicity by System Of A Down, she was physically engaged in her learning. It bring a level of connection to their goal. They can monitor their own success to their goal.

Students being able to monitor their own success is a unique opportunity for students. It allows students to be in more control of their learning and could be motivating.

Over the past three years, our B.I.E.D. program has been focusing on the importance of hands on learning. Having the students more involved and participating in their learning. I like what Wesch had to say in his video. He included that his students and himself, exercised what he called participant observation. What ever they were learning, they involved themselves by participating.

Schools will be looking for resourceful educators that bring new trends and methods of teaching. As a future educator, I hope to continue to grow in my own learning. Staying up to date and creating opportunities for students to succeed and actively participate in their learning.


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