New Social Step

As I became a little more use to Twitter, I admit, It took some time to understand what I was doing or what I was even looking at. I’m not very tech wise or to conscious of keeping up with social trends. Over time, You could defiantly see how twitter could be useful for the classroom, especially for teachers. Its is a great way to create a sharing community between educators.

Educators have a task to keep inspiring their students. Having a multitude of approaches to take your classroom is essential. Twitter is an opportunity to keep up with trends. Share opinions and thoughts with each other. Build your understanding on current education problems. As we participated in the SaskEd chat, we discussed pros and cons of paperless schools.

Children are becoming so accustomed to having technology in their hands. It was funny, during my time in the classrooms, I watched students in grade 3/4 log into their accounts and maneuver around the sites with no problem. I was also placed in a grade 6 classroom, and using computer programs were so easy to them. It was kind of surprising to me. Twitter could be beneficial for students underneath guidance. It can be used as a way to help create a professional image for the older grades. It is an opportunity to teach students about their responsibility of what they post. Social Media is becoming such a prevalent part of our lives. Twitter is a way some students can begin a Social Media on a more professional level.



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