Amazing Meal With Only Six Ingredients!

This will be the third meal I cooked. This particular meal was requested, so I thought i’ll give it a try! The recipe I chose to follow I credit youtuber Binging With Babish.

His video was easy to follow with the ingredients listed underneath his video. Check out his videos, they are very entertaining with a unique take on his recipes he choses to cover.


First thing that stood out to me was the amount of ingredients, which there was ONLY SIX!

Although this recipe may of had less ingredients than the last recipe, I had to be more precise on my cooking times. This recipe to me, had a step in difficulty. I had to make sure my spaghettini was cooked by the time my garlic was beginning to brown in the oil. To help with that, I did all the prep work and made sure all the ingredients were ready to go.

I began slicing the garlic and parsley finely. I do need to work on my knife skills, But I tried my best and the garlic was a inconsistent in width.

On the side I began to boil my water and prep a pan with oil. Now I wasted about 15 minutes waiting for my water to boil before I noticed that back burner didn’t work. That was probably the only issue that went wrong with this recipe.

Once I added the pasta to boiling water, I began to brown the garlic. Once it began to change colour I added the red pepper flakes and removed from the heat.

I let the garlic browned a little longer in the oil before adding the pasta, followed by the chopped up parsley.

Mixed it altogether and added in half a lemon juice, but you could say you added ingredients number 7 and 8, but everyone has salt and pepper at home.

Now, this meal was really great. It is simple and easy to follow. I tried my best to somewhat ensemble it like how they did it in the video. This is a meal you could defiantly cook up at home. I enjoyed it and I think you all will enjoy it as well!

Just to jazz it up a bit, we added a little bit of parmesan on top. Decided to splurge a bit.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Meal With Only Six Ingredients!

  1. Your dish looks wonderful Ryan! Simple, easy and I bet delicious! I am definitely liking this post, so I can refer back to it and try it out one of these days. Keep up the good work!


  2. I really like reading your posts! You use a lot of visuals which really helps with following along with your cooking process! I can’t believe you created such a delicious looking meal with only SIX ingredients!! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what else you are able to cook up!


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