Nigerian Beef Stew

For my second cooking challenge I’ve decided upon Nigerian Beef Stew. I thought it will be interesting to compare it to an authentic Nigerian Beef stew I had before. She used a recipe that she was taught by her mother and I thought it was absolutely amazing and wanted to TRY recreate. I didn’t have the recipe she used, so I opted to use a recipe I found online by the very popular Tasty channel.

I was surprised to see how little ingredients were involved, comparing to how flavourful I remember this dish tasted. This is also why I chose this recipe as the second week challenge. Tasty did a good job making an easy to follow recipe.

First thing first, I need to admit I made a little mistake by buying the wrong kind of tomatoes and the grocery store did not have habanero peppers. So I improvised by using a habanero pepper hot sauce.

I actually needed to borrow a kitchen and their blender to cook this meal, but they got a free meal out of it, so everyone wins! The most difficult part about this recipe was probably blending all the vegetables. It didn’t all fit in one batch so it was a little tedious and time consuming.

the sauce was made out of 4 tomatoes, half of a red onion, 12oz of tomato paste, 2 red bell peppers and 6 garlic cloves.

With the remaining tomato and other half of the red onion, I began to brown the meat.

Followed it up by adding the spice blend of rosemary, curry powder and paprika.

After the meat browned and cooked, I added the sauce into the pot. Once the stew was bought to a boil, I added two bay leaves and let simmered covered for twenty minutes.

After the twenty minutes, I tried a taste test. I found it wasn’t as flavourful as the one my friend’s family recipe. Of course, I didn’t add the habanero peppers, and that could of been the cause, so I added more of the spice blend and let it simmered for another ten minutes.

In the end, it was close, but not exact. But now I know what little changes I’ll make next time. I’ll add more of the spice blend, and actually use plum tomatoes and habanero peppers. Also, maybe not a cup of oil to brown the meat in. It felt a little too greasy and lost some of its hearty home cooked feel I had with the other recipe. None the less, still great tasting and a recipe I’ll try again and recommend for anyone to try.

Side Note: Also chicken an be used instead of beef!


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