Holy Crepes!

I finished my first challenge. Over the next few weeks the plan is to cook a meal from scratch. I thought it will be fun if each meal comes from a different nationality. The goal is to build on the level of difficulty from one meal to the next. Recipes with the least steps and ingredients will be at the beginning.

This brings me to my first meal I’ve chosen, the crepe. Crepes are enjoyed all over the world, but to me, a crepe is strongly connected to French roots. I’ve chosen the crepe as my first recipe for its little bit of ingredients. I used a recipe I found online that was easy to follow. I had taken pictures throughout the process. The beginning seemed easy enough of combining the ingredients.

I enjoyed this recipe and recommend it to anyone. This recipe however is more for a dessert crepe since it included sugar in the batter. One note I’ll make of my process, is that my first couple crepes didn’t come out nicely. They were actually kinda ugly, as you can see below. It took some time to find the best technique to form the crepes into smooth large circles. I had about two really nice crepes in the end, and a whole bunch of odd shaped ones.

The plan was to take a photo of my first crepe and compare it to my best crepe, but unfortunately I forgot to take that side by side comparison picture.

I made two different types, the first being a Banana Nutella,

and secondly, a Maple Pecan, with a sour cream and brown sugar filling.

I had my nephew with me to taste test the crepes. He ranked the banana Nutella a 10/10, and he ranked the Maple Pecan a 1/10. He later changed his ranking to a 0/10. He clearly did not like the second one. I however enjoyed both greatly and enjoyed the simplicity of this recipe. Its a recipe you can make at home with little bit time and ingredients. Hope you guys follow the link and try out this recipe as well, Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Holy Crepes!

  1. I love how informative your learning project blog post is. You share a ton of great information and the photos really add to the post. I am looking forward to seeing what cook in your future posts! I think the are going to make me hungry and eager to try out the recipes.

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  2. Crepes are amazing! They look like they turned out great. I find that if you are going to make crepes regularly it’s best to have a crepe pan and spreader (http://www.amazon.ca/Staub-1212823-Spreader-Spatula-Matte/dp/B000P1OF8M). It helps get rid of the ugly ones! But if it’s a casual brunch or dessert recipe your basic frying pan will do but I would still splurge for the spreader it is a lifesaver! I can’t wait to see your next recipe!

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  3. Wow Ryan, these look delicious! Such a fun recipe to try and something that is actually more challenging than it looks! I really like your use of pictures and your progress is really easy to follow! I can’t wait to see what else you cook up!

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