A First For Everything

Hey Everyone, today marks the first time I’m writing a blog post. I never been a huge social guy, so this EDTC300 class is taking me out of my comfort zone. I understand this may only be a blog, but it is still a unique platform to work with. This blog could be shared and read by people whom are not in my circle. Blogging is definitely something new to me. I never read blog posts regularly, so I’m very excited for this summer class. I believe blogging could be used for classrooms, for it could keep records of an individual’s progress. Everybody learns at different rates and has unique perspectives on a matter. With blogs, a writer can express their own opinions on a subject at their understanding. Also allowing people to give feedback. This creates a social learning environment to share and express with the online community. With this being said, I’m excited to begin this learning experience and share my progress with all of you!

Typing on keyboard
Photo Credit: marciomartinsro Flickr via Compfight cc


3 thoughts on “A First For Everything

  1. Good for you taking this class and stepping outside your comfort zone, I am sure this will be a great learning experience about your self, as well as, a chance to grow as a person.

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